Karting Australia: new Disclaimer Form.

This form replaces the existing separate: Driver, Officials and Pit Crew Forms. Clubs are to retain the Driver's form when they apply for or renew Club Membership. Officials and Pit Crew will be retained by the State Office.

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Tas-State-Regulations-Approved-270117 1.09 MB 2017-02-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Open-Letter-to-Tas-Karters-Jan-2015 74.47 KB 2015-01-07
An Adobe Acrobat file Stewards-Expenses-Final-2011 82.56 KB 2015-01-01
An Adobe Acrobat file KARTING-Tas-Inc-Constitution-2011-Amend-27-Jan-2012 79.38 KB 2015-01-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Red-Flag-Rollover-Instructions-March-2nd-2013 39.37 KB 2015-01-01